When we calculated the number of years our technical team (think of them as our “tExperts”) totaled in experience in media and entertainment, high-performance computing, SAN, and other technical areas that matter most to our customers, we discovered our team has something in common with the Greenland shark. Scientists believe this five-foot long ocean predator may live as long as 400 years which is almost the amount of years of specialized technical experience our team has.

Specifically, our technical experts have:

  • deployed more than 200 creative stations
  • completed more than 200 technical certifications
  • installed more than 100 DWDM connection points
  • deployed more than 500 petabytes of storage
  • installed 30,000+ total cores of computing power

Our technical team consists of a tightly knit group of engineers who work seamlessly together. In our group, regardless of our area of expertise, years of experience, or position within the company, it’s common to see any one of us running wires, crawling under desks and equipment, or doing whatever we need to do in order to complete the project. Some companies adopt the Agile methodology; at Alliance, we take the word “agile” and put literal meaning to it.

We even take it a step further. We are happy to work on anything as long as it benefits our customers, the team, and the company.

Our focus on collaboration extends to our partners as well as our customers. Everything we do here is a team effort just like there isn’t a single solution we sell that is a single vendor solution. Every aspect of our work is based on partnership—which our customers tell us they see and feel when they interact with us. Sometimes manufacturers come to us even if we don’t have a business relationship with them and ask us to do certain levels of certifications or test their equipment in our lab.

Plus, our technical team is always performing research and development testing in our R&D lab. There are always new products coming out guaranteed to work in certain workflows and environments. We routinely test these new products. Our engineers find that 90 percent of the time the products don’t meet the advertised claims. Companies like Pixit Media and Quantum among others will use our lab to test their products alongside our engineers to discover what works and what doesn’t. Then, then these companies report the findings to the manufacturer before rolling out to their customers—which saves a lot of hassle, frustration, and improves the reliability of their solution as well as the improvements at the manufacturer level.


Commitment to excellence runs through us in everything we do.

That’s why Alliance Integrated Technology stands out in the M&E Los Angeles market…and beyond.

We take the word “agile” and put literal meaning to it.

Contact our talented tExperts to solve your current challenge. Call 877.629.3020 to find out what’s on the horizon or fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you.

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