DXT-H4 quad display KVM external host

The Amulet Hotkey DXT-H4 quad display KVM extender host supports keyboard, video, and mouse connections to external devices over IP. This technology enables secure access to any laptop, workstation, or legacy system with complete isolation from its host.

The external DXT-H4 device acts as a “mini PC” with audio, USB, four video ports, and dual network connectivity. Companies can send this to employees’ homes where they simply plug in their keyboard, monitor, mouse, and speakers. With this device, you don’t even need a computer so employees can work at the level they need including 4K resolution at 30 frames per second with the capacity to reach 250 megabits per second at full-screen resolution at 60 Hz, or other high-computing applications.

Introducing DXT-H4 extender host—secure, high-performance access to any workstation, anywhere.


  • Extends high-performance computing systems—acts as a “mini PC” with audio USB, four video ports and dual network connectivity enabling employees to work from home with the capability to work at 4K resolution at 30 frames per second or even higher sacrificing resolution
  • Unmatched security—transmits only encrypted display pixels, USB, and audio signals which ensures no interaction between systems
  • Extreme confidentiality—no application data ever leaves the host system
  • Flexible—external, non-intrusive remote access solution when you can’t install PCIe remote access cards or software
  • Ubiquitous—delivers access anywhere in the world for keyboard, video, and mouse
  • Intelligent—utilizes Leostream enterprise-class connection broker to seamlessly integrate any computer or closed system
  • Open—promotes collaboration between remote workers securely
  • Supports quad video—high quality graphics with resolution up to 1920 x 1200, with available 4K UHD upgrade option
  • Adaptable—choose point-to-point or standard IP-based LAN and WAN over copper or fiber network connections
  • Simple—easy to configure and manage
  • Economic solution—connects remote workers to expensive applications and workstations locally, nationally, or across the globe


Front view of DXT-H4 quad display KVM host extender

Amulet Hotkey DXT-H4 extender host acts as a “mini PC” with audio USB, four video ports and dual network connectivity enabling employees to work from home with the capability to access their powerful workstations on company premises

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