Amulet Hotkey remote access solutions

Amulet Hotkey host and zero clients provide a better experience than a software-based solution. These internal and external keyboard, video, and mouse devices over IP enable secure access to any laptop, workstation, or legacy system which requires complete isolation from its host. This low-latency PCoIP offers a responsive end-user experience including support and exceptional performance for real-time video and 3-D computer graphics. Designed for security and reliability, the pairing is also easy to configure and manage.

The Amulet Hotkey host and zero clients allow secure, high-performance access to any workstation, anywhere.


  • Delivers access anywhere in the world
  • Provides high performance, secure remote access for employees to high-performance computing systems and network
  • Utilizes Leostream enterprise-class connection broker to seamlessly integrate any computer or closed system
  • Enables businesses to keep work flowing and promotes secure collaboration between remote workers
  • Keeps employees safe working from home during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Maintains network hygiene, stability, and security through secure host isolation and encryption so no data leaves the host system
  • Provides a better experience for editorial purposes than a software-based solution
  • Eliminates potential risk to equipment and content
  • Ease of use, administration, and deployment
  • Economic solution for local, cross-country, or continent-to-continent connections


Remote access points displayed over a cityscape

Secure endpoints which support secure, remote access to any physical or virtual graphic workstation or virtual desktop using PColP remote display protocol

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