ThinkStation P920: Tough as a tank—nimble as a dancer

This powerful workstation is built like a tank yet so nimble you’ll be amazed. It’s also so quiet you’ll wonder if it’s on. Don’t let the sturdy exterior and quiet fan fool you—it’s a powerhouse. Designed to handle the most resource-intensive applications with ease, the Lenovo engineers also designed it with simple administration in mind. For users, the machine can tackle rendering virtual reality (VR) and yet it’s easy to setup, deploy, and manage.

The ThinkStation P920 is a great fit for anyone with resource-intensive workloads who requires fast memory, more storage, and versatility.



  • Powered by up to dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (up to 28 cores, up to 4.0GHz per CPU) this system offers incredible performance capabilities on Windows® Ten Pro, Ubuntu® Linux®, or Red Hat ® Enterprise Linux®
  • Built for performance and designed to withstand the rigorous demands of resource-intensive workloads
  • Abundant storage to meet demands (up to 60 TB) including up to 12 total drives and up to 4 internal storage bays:
    • Max M.2 = 2 (4TB)
    • Max 3.5” = 6 (36TB)
    • Max 2.5” = 10 (20TB)
  • Easy to set up, deploy, and manage—simply connect to the smartphone app for system diagnostic information or Lenovo Performance Tuner
  • Configure up to two NVIDIA Quadro™ RTX 8000 graphics cards to handle the demands of the largest and most complex ray tracing, deep learning, and visual computing workloads including 8K movie content, and more
  • Flex design enables quick and easy replacements and additions
  • Up to 2TB DDR4, 2933MHz memory featuring 16 DIMM slots to meet heavy software demands
  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification ensures the high-performance applications you rely on every day run smoothly



“…the workstation they choose has to be able to power some of the most resource intensive applications for design.” –Storage Review

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