When consistent high performance is a must, Nytro X 2U24 delivers unfettered data access with extremely low 250 microsecond latency(when configurations supports 500K IOPS) . This system is full of features that enable extreme cost efficiency, performance, and up to 99.999% data availability. You can ensure data is consistently available with next-gen Seagate ADAPT data protection for up to 95% faster rebuilds than traditional RAID configurations. In addition, hot-swappable Seagate SSDs make it easy to upgrade capacity and speed. This storage solution offers:


  • High-Performance All-Flash Array (AFA)
  • Familiar 2u form factor with 24 – 2.5-inch Seagate SSDs
  • Up to 7GB/s reads, 5.5GB/s writes (total system bandwidth)
  • Ultra-low ~250 μs latency • 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, 10Gb/s iSCSI, or 12Gb/s SAS
  • Expandable up to 8 total chassis
  • Combine with a hard drive chassis (i.e. Exos E 2U12) for tiered performance and capacity
  • Supports RAID or Seagate ADAPT data protection
  • Fully redundant, hot-swappable components
Nytro X 2U24

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