Exos® CORVAULT is a high-performance, self-healing block storage system that delivers multi-petabyte capacity, five-nines availability, and hyperscale efficiencies for data center and macro edge environments.

  •  Effortlessly expand capacity with 1.9PB (raw) in a maximum-density enclosure.
  • Accelerate data access with performance up to 14GB/s sequential read, 12GB/s sequential write and 17,680 IOPS.
  • Specially-tuned modular chassis maximizes drive performance and longevity by protecting against vibrational and acoustic interference, heat, and power irregularities.
  • Engineered and manufactured by Seagate for tightly-integrated, highly-compatible and predictable performance.
  • Capacity, reliability and speed – perfect for any macro-edge or core data center.
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