Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology multiplies fiber capacity by multiplexing optical light signals of different wavelengths onto a single optical fiber. The technology is well standardized in the ITU G.695 and G.694 recommendations and widely used in datacom and telecom networks.

Alliance Integrated Technology designs and provides all types of fiber optical transmission products. Alliance Integrated Technology serves Storage, Data and Telecom Networks worldwide with a unique and cost effective portfolio of optical transmission components and systems. We have a product portfolio which allowsthe user to build the most cost-effective and reliable transmission networks possible.

While our customers are experts in their fields, they still appreciate the valuable knowledge and experience that Alliance Integrated Technology offers for Passive WDM network solutions and optical transmission solutions. Optical transmission projects have historically been prohibitively expensive and complicated, but Alliance Integrated Technology’s products allow solutions which are simple to design and easy to install.

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The Brocade DCX 8510 and Brocade DCX Backbone families

Active WDM

The T-Series consists of a comprehensive range of active and passive WDM solutions to suit all network requirements in an incredibly compact form factor resulting in low space and power requirements.

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