June 16, 2020, San Jose, CA – Pavilion Data Systems, the leader in the third wave of data storage, announced today that Sony Innovation Studios Inc., a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), is in the process of deploying the firm’s storage array as part of an easy to use, scalable, and dense solution that supports much needed high speed protocols.

Sony Innovation Studios is a state-of-the-art facility launched on the SPE studio lot in June 2018 to empower storytellers around the world to produce content using new technologies, tools and techniques including real-time volumetric virtual production with Atom View software.

The facility chose Pavilion storage to be the high-performance storage solution in its unified use case for volumetric capture, an ever-increasing performance and latency hungry application essential for the rendering of 3-D virtual and mixed environments.

The Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array (HFA) has established a reputation in the industry for offering the highest performing array, with the lowest consistent and predictable latency, unmatched density, linear scalability, and an affordable price. The technology storage needs of media and entertainment are well aligned with Pavilion’s product functionality and this use case represents a continuation of Pavilion’s inroads in this vertical.

“With the ever-increasing amount of data being captured and processed in our media workflows, performance and density of storage systems is of primary importance. Pavilion’s Hyperparallel flash array allowed us to easily meet these demands while future proofing our storage infrastructure for the next generation workflows,” said Michael Pearce, Manager of Production Systems, Sony Innovation Studios. “The combination of performance due to parallelism, operational simplicity and density is unmatched in the industry.”

The deployment is in partnership with Alliance Integrated Technologies and Pixit Media, who worked closely with Sony Innovation Studios to map out the entire solution.

“Volumetric capture brings a new paradigm of size and information capable of being stored and requiring the highest performance in render speeds,” said Ben Leaver, CEO of Pixit Media, “With an approach that mimics a director class core switch architecture, Pavilion’s approach to multi-line card, multi-controller design means PCIe speeds to each drive, and massive bandwidth to the network over a low latency RDMA protocol.”

“To enable the solution as designed, we had to address the challenge of meeting the performance requirements of GPU based rendering.” said, Billy Russell, Chief Technology Officer of Alliance IT, “It was clear that a 100G ethernet infrastructure was needed to deliver the data. We also wanted the ability to scale in the future to 200 & 400G Ethernet and support migration to tier 2 or cloud as data ages off. The clear core to this solution was the combination of Pixit Media’s PixStor solution and the Pavilion Hyperparallel Flash Array, with support for the latest in high speed ethernet protocols such as RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) direct to the Linux host, cloud migration with Ngenea and an underlying software defined storage architecture, this solves the core infrastructure challenges.”

“Media and entertainment companies, like Sony Innovation Studios, have extremely exacting standards and requirements for movie and video rendering,” said VR Satish, CTO and Co-Founder, Pavilion Data Systems. “Working with partners at Pixit Media and Alliance IT to develop the best of breed solution for Sony Innovation Studios was an extreme pleasure. We look forward to replicating this solution for other major studios that are implementing Volumetric Capture and other M&E workflows which demand the unmatched performance and extremely low latency our combined solution offers.”

Pavilion has multiple deployments in the media and entertainment vertical and is continuing to expand its innovation footprint in this space.


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“To enable the solution as designed, we had to address the challenge of meeting the performance requirements of GPU based rendering.”
Billy Russell

Chief Technology Officer

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