Some companies form to fill an existing need better than what’s currently offered. Some companies form because there’s a gap in a market which is underserved or not served at all. The latter is true of Alliance Integrated Technology.

When Andy Tran, President and Founder of Alliance Integrated Technology, was working as an engineer in the high-performance computing and government markets in the early part of his career, he also was consulting for the media and entertainment industry. The need for industry-specific technology providers became even more apparent while Andy was running Pacific Title and Art Studio. When they were converting from film to digital, every technology provider they met with claimed to be an expert in the media business. In reality, each technology company only knew the technology side and didn’t understand the demands of the media and entertainment business. The same holds true for many
technology providers today.

The media and entertainment industry requires 100% uptime all the time. When downtime strikes, it’s absolute chaos. That’s when Andy decided to fill that gap with Alliance Integrated Technology. Understanding this unique need, Andy formed Alliance Integrated Technology in 2009. From inception, Andy emphasized testing in addition to providing the most technically advanced solutions for the most demanding clients and situations. From day one, ensuring 100% uptime from the moment of installation is a promise we deliver and is a unique differentiator between Alliance Integrated Technology and our competitors.

This promise still holds true today whether it’s for media and entertainment, government, education, aerospace and defense, or financial markets. From the demands of preproduction to post-production in the film and entertainment business to the rigorous demands of NASA, biometrics, research, or other high-performance requirement, Alliance Integrated Technologies finds the right solution to process massive amounts of data—scaled to the right size now…and in the future.

Commitment to excellence runs through us in everything we do.

From day one, ensuring 100% uptime from the moment of installation is a promise we deliver

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