Extensive lab enables us to build, test, and deploy anything our customers need

Built for the sole purpose to stage our customers’ environment to provide best SAN and NAS solutions

Our functional and fully equipped research and development lab allows us to provide the most advanced NAS and SAN solutions.

With our world-class lab and our talented technical team, our capabilities separate us from the competition and offer you the most benefits including:

  • Assemble needed components without waiting for equipment to arrive for fastest service
  • Stage our customers’ solutions quickly to troubleshoot when needed
  • Build, test, and deploy any scenario or setup and we do it without needing to borrow or purchase equipment
  • Equipped with postproduction equipment and software to simulate our customers’ environment
  • Furnished with necessary equipment to replicate tape archive or cloud infrastructure for 4K and 8K content
  • Invitation to come and test new features and experiment before general releases or committing to a capital expenditure
  • Neutral environment allows for multiple manufacturers to test and integrate with other products and manufacturers to see how they work together which fosters advancements for future releases and technology improvements

The proof is in the lab

Customers give us their content, we load it onto our systems, and we can prove what we’re building or propose to build will actually do what they are asking it to do. 98% of the equipment in our lab we own. We invite customers to come in and play in our lab. This is a huge differentiator. We’re in the unique position that we don’t ask manufacturers if their products can perform; we tell them it they do or don’t.

Here’s what’s playing in our lab now:

Build a better high-performance deterministic IP SAN solution for less than Fibre Channel

The default standard when building SAN storage infrastructure for content owners and post-production houses has been Fibre Channel technology. Until recently Fibre Channel 32Gbit infrastructure was the fastest performance to support SAN storage. With the arrival of 100 Gbit and 200 Gbit network switches delivering equal or better performance at the fraction of the cost of Fibre Channel, this is quickly becoming a new standard.

Move at lightspeed without sacrificing reliability

When there’s no room for loss, Fibre Channel is the only solution. To support the most demanding dailies, color grading, and visual effects artists, we helped find the right balance between technical requirements and creative demands without sacrificing performance or reliability. The SAN storage solution is the backbone that holds a company’s workflow, daily output, and color grading moving at light speed.

Sample inventory of equipment


  • Lenovo ThinkStation® P920 Linux® Blackmagic Davinci Resolve® workstations
  • Lenovo ThinkStation® P920 Microsoft® Windows® operating system Blackmagic Davinci Resolve® workstation
  • Dell® Precision 7920 Rack Linux Autodesk Flame® workstation
  • Apple® Mac Pro® computers
  • Apple Mac Pro® tower


  • Mellanox Spectrum® 100G ethernet switch network (RDMA)
  • 32G Brocade® Fibre Channel network
  • Arista® 10G copper network (IP)




File Systems

  • Quantum® StorNext® file system supported by 32G Fibre Channel infrastructure with Xcellis® Workflow Extender
  • Pixit Media® Cluster IBM Spectrum® Scale supported by 100G ethernet Infrastructure



Storage Hardware

  • Seagate® disk and flash storage
  • Pavilion® Hyperparallel Flash Array
  • Spectra® BlackPearl® Object Storage Cloud
  • Spectra® Stack tape library
  • Atempo® Miria (formerly ADA) backup and migration

VDI  technologies
(virtual desktop infrastructure)

  • Teradici® PCoIP products
  • Leostream® Remote Access
  • Penguin Computing® Scyld Cloud Workstation™



SDI streaming
(serial digital interface) 

  • Streambox Chroma X




Come visit us at our research and development facility! Call 877.629.3020 to schedule an appointment with one of our tExperts or fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you.

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