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Remote desktop is abuzz

Before the pandemic, virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI, was not as commonplace as it is today. With remote learning and millions more people working from home taking place across the country, remote desktop technology went from specialized applications to individuals and families implementing into homes. Since March 2020, COVID-19 displaced millions of Americans from secure networks within corporations and educational institutions. Now more than ever, providing security and remote workstation solutions is paramount.

Managing the virtual desktop infrastructure means more than just reliable 24/7 availability through standard browsers without special plugins. Whether it’s business critical such as offering desktop solutions allowing creative artists to access the network virtually or simply critical to learning, VDI technology is a hot topic today. Offering remote desktop service in a cloud environment needs to be capable of supporting high-performance computing while also protecting vulnerable young learners and their home systems from picking up an infection and spreading it unknowingly to an office environment.

At Alliance Integrated Technologies, our tExperts provide the best solutions with the industry’s leading VDI pioneers to ensure you provide high-end workstation performance to your employees or students, with near-universal accessibility all while saving bandwidth.

Our tExperts will help you navigate this mission critical effort to remote desktop management. Call 877.629.3020 to find out what’s on the horizon or fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you.