The demand to process and store petabytes of data in shared environments with high security and high availability comes into play for all the markets we serve. The functions and infrastructure for capturing, transcoding, and play back is remarkably similar in imaging, neuroscience, NASA, education, government, or Hollywood movies. Processing data speeds, performance, security, and reliability are shared needs across markets. Whether you’re in the entertainment business and need to produce in 4K or 8K, need 100TB and 4K workstations, running 24 hours a day, with a firm release date creating a chaotic timeline and intense pressure, or you’re acquiring satellite data, protecting personally identifiable and protected information or classified information, you need ultrafast speeds to process massive amounts of data and reliable shared storage structure.

At Alliance, we help you figure out what you need and build a solution to solve those exact needs. How you process your data determines the required workflow. This could include a complete custom solution or simply adding a few components to an existing system. Whatever your market and your specific need, our tExperts are ready to help you design the optimal solution.

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Our tExperts will help you choose the right solution to process your massive amount of data most efficiently and cost effectively. Call 877.629.3020 to find out what’s on the horizon or fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you.