Leostream Connection Broker

The future of the workplace may have arrived a little sooner than expected as COVID-19 forced companies to adapt to virtual workforce environment overnight. This situation created a nightmare for companies and especially IT teams as they scrambled to keep employees safe and working to keep business flowing while keeping the assets of the business safe and secure simultaneously. Traditionally, companies have used VPN (virtual private networks) for employees who work remotely set up by IT staff due to its inherent complexities. With so many employees ordered to stay at home and continuing to work from home, companies need an easier solution to set up and manage.

Introducing Leostream Connection Broker—secure, OS-independent browser access to any workstation, anywhere.


  • High performance, secure remote access for employees to high-performance computing systems and network
  • OS agnostic—sign in from any web browser and access the target system regardless of the OS system used to sign in
  • Enables businesses to keep work flowing
  • Keeps employees safe working from home during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Maintains network hygiene and stability
  • Allows for the delta in the speed of transfer of data
  • Moves overhead off the internal firewall and transfers it to the Leostream server
  • Eliminates potential risk to equipment and content by keeping it on company premises
  • Ease of use, administration, and deployment
  • Simpler than setting up VPNs for every remote worker
  • Allows sharing of licenses for expensive applications
  • Highly economic solution


Leostream platform provides an easy and secure opportunity for companies to extend their work environment into private homes securely and efficiently when working onsite isn’t possible.

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