DXH4 internal PCoIP host

Designed specifically for remote desktop applications which require pixel perfect video across multiple monitors, the Amulet Hotkey DXH4 remote workstation quad video head PCoIP® host card is a powerful tool. The DXHR offers flexibility, adaptability, easy installation, and secure access anywhere even when the host and clients are separated by thousands of miles. The zero client connects to this via PCoIP protocol and decodes the data sent from the DXH4 over a standard ethernet connection.

The DXH4 PCiOP host—your ticket to secure, high-performance access to any workstation, anywhere.


  • Simple configuration and maintenance—no drivers or software required
  • Easy to install—slide into PCIe slot in the host PC or workstation
  • Flexible—compatible with all major operating systems
  • Crisp imaging—high quality graphics with resolution up to 2560 x 1600 @ 60 Hz
  • Secure, remote access with low-latency PCoIP for stellar performance
  • Space saving design—uses the existing graphics cards as the digital video data source
  • Expandable—connect up to four monitors
  • Adaptable—comes with full-height or low-profile bracket
  • Extensible network connection—choose standard DXH4 with an RJ45 network port or the DXH4-M with a network port designed to accept a copper or fiber SFP module (available separately)
  • Supports access anywhere in the world when connected to a local client on a computer


Amulet Hotkey DXH4 Quad Display Card

Pixel perfect video up to four monitors via a secure, remote access lossless protocol

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